The Arboreal XML browser is a powerful and flexible tool developed by the Archimedes Project for content-based access to, and annotation of, XML texts. Arboreal includes special features for working with parallel versions of texts, morphology and terminology, and linked images. Integrated language support is currently provided for Latin, Greek, Arabic, Chinese, languages written in cuneiform, and major western European languages. Arboreal supports many standards and is designed as a cross-platform tool that can be used on many different computing systems.

Why Arboreal? The following document addresses some basic philosophical issues.

Beyond Browsing: The Web of the Future

Arboreal is constantly being expanded and improved. The following versions are available at present for download:

Arboreal 5.16

Arboreal 5.14

A general change log is available.

There is also a scrapbook which contains some provisional documentation.
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