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mūnĕrārĭus, a, um [id.].

I. Of or belonging to a gift, Cassiod. Var. 6, 7.—

II. Of or belonging to gladiatorial exhibitions (a word first used by Augustus, acc. to Quint. 8, 3, 34).

A. Adj.: libellus, Trebell. Claud. 5, 5.—

B. Subst.: mūnĕrārĭus, ii, m.

1. One who bestows gifts: pauperum, Hier. Ep. 66, 5.—

2. The giver of a gladiatorial exhibition: Thracem mirmilloni parem, munerario imparem dixerat, Suet. Dom. 10; Sen. Contr. 4 praef.; Inscr Orell. 1185; 2534; 2585; 3746.