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ἄνωγα, old Ep. pf. with pres. sense: ἄνωγα, -ας, -ε, without augm., Il. and Trag., Hdt.3.81; 1pl. ἄνωγμεν h.Ap.528: imper. ἄνώγε E.Or.119, more freq. ἄνωχθι Il.23.158, A.Ch.772, E.Alc.1044; 3sg. ἀνωγέτω Od.2.195, ἀνώχθω Il.11.189; 2pl. ἀνώγετε Od.23.132, ἄνωχθε 22.437, E.Rh.987; subj. ἀνώγῃ Il.7.74, Hdt.7.104, ἀνώγωμεν Herod.3.31; inf. ἀνωγέμεν Il.13.56; part. ἀνώγουσα Herod.7.101: plpf. withimpf. sense, 3sg. ἠνώγει Il.6.170, S.OC1598; withoutaugm. ἀνώγει Od.2.385; Ion. ἠνώγεα ib.9.44, 17.55:—
but ἀνώγει in Il.6.439, 19.102, Od.5.139,357, Hes. Th.549, Hdt.7.104 is pres, in sense, and must be referred to pres. ἀνώγω (unless corrected to ἄνωγεν); also 2dual ἀνώγετον Il.4.287, and (later) 2sg. ἀνώγεις Q.S.13.238:—
from this pres. are formed impf. ἤνωγον Il.9.578, Od.14.237, or ἄνωγον Il.5.805, Od.3.35, etc.; ἤνωγες Maiist.17; ἤνωγε h.Cer.297, Hes.Op.68; 3pl. ἄνωγον Inscr.Cypr.135 H.: fut. ἀνώξω Od.16.404: aor. ἤνωξα Hes.Sc.479; subj. ἀνώξομεν, Ep. for -ωμεν, Il.15.295; inf. ἀνῶξαι Od.10.531. Il.7.394, the impf. ἠνώγεον implies pres. ἀνωγέω:—
Pass., ἄνωκται: κελεύεται, Hsch.:—
poet. and Ion. Verb, also in Cypr., Inscr.Cypr. l.c., command, order, esp. of kings and masters, Il.5.899, etc.; also of equals and inferiors, advise, urge, 16.8, Od.2.195, etc.: constr. c. acc. pers. et inf., σιωπᾶν λαὸν ἀνώγει bade the people keep silence, Il.2.280, cf. 4.287, etc.; πατὴρ ἄνωγέ σ' ..αὐδᾶν A.Pr.947, cf. 1037, etc.; πράσσειν ἄνωγας οὖν με ..τάδε; S.Tr. 1247; σιγᾶν ἄνωγα (sc. σε) Id.El.1458: in Hom. also c. dat. pers., Od.10.531, 20.139 sq., cf. A.R.1.693: c. acc. pers. only, θυμὸς ἄνωγέ με my spirit bids, prompts me, freq. in Hom.: abs., ἐποτρύνει καὶ ἀνώγει Il.15.43; κέλομαι καὶ ἄνωγα Od.3.317.