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ἀλέγω, Ep. and Lyr., once in A. (lyr.), only pres., have a care, mind, heed, usu. neg.:

1. abs., οὐκ ἀ. have no care, Il.11.389, Od. 17.390; κύνες οὐκ ἀλέγουσαι Od.19.154: without neg., Λιταὶ ἀλέγουσι κιοῦσαι walk with good heed, Il.9.504.

II. with a case,

1. c. gen., heed, care for, οὐδ' ἀλλήλων ἀλέγουσιν Od.9.115; οὐ γὰρ Κύκλωπες Διὸς ..ἀλέγουσιν ib.275, cf. Simon.37.10; βωμῶν ἀλέγοντες οὐδέν A.Supp.752; μακάρων οὐκ ἀλέγοντα θεῶν Call.Aet.3.1.65: without neg., ψυχῆς ἀ. ὕπερ A.R.2.634.

2. less freq. c. acc., regard, respect, θεῶν ὄπιν οὐκ ἀλέγοντες Il.16.388, Hes.Op.251; οἰωνούς A.R. 1.145: without neg., νηῶν ὅπλα ..ἀλέγουσιν take care of, Od.6.268, cf. Pi.O.11 (10).15, I.8(7).51.

III. count among, Λύκαισον ἐν καμοῦσιν Alcm.32, cf. Pi.O.2.78 (Pass.); ἐν ἀθανάτοις ἀ. IG14.1389 ii6. (Commonly deriv. from ἀ- copul., λέγω, count with, cf. 111.)