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ἀναλάμπω, flame up, take fire, X.Cyr.5.1.16; shine out, of the sun, Thphr.CP4.13.6: metaph., ἀκτῖνες ἀρετῆς ἀ. Ph.1.335; flame up, of envy, Ath.274d.

II. metaph., break out, as war, Plu.Sull.6, cf. 7.

2. of a person, come to oneself again, revive, Id.Brut.15, cf. 2.694f; blaze up with enthusiasm, Philostr.VA5.30.

III. trans., cause to shine, φῶς Plu.Alex.30; λιθοκαλλέα μορφήν, of a sculptor, App.Anth.2.534 (Halic.).

2. illummate, τὸ ζοφερόν Heraclit.Ep.6.3.