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ἀναχάζω, make to recoil, force back, found only in poet. aor. 1, οὐδ' ἀνέχασσαν prob. in Pi.N.10.69.

II. mostly as Pass., ἀναχάζομαι, Ep. aor. ἀνεχασσάμην:—
draw back, freq. in Il. of warriors, ἀλλ ἀναχασσάμενος λίθον εἵλετο 7.264, cf. 15.728, 16.819, 17.47, etc.; ἀναχασσάμενος νῆχον πάλιν giving way to the wave, Od.7.280: c. gen., ἀ. ἠπείροιο draw back from .., A.R.4.1241; ἐπὶ πόδα ἀναχάζεσθαι retire slowly, of soldiers, X.Cyr.7.1.34:—
Act. in sense of Pass., Id.An.4.1.16.