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ἀντικαθίστημι, Ion. ἀντικατ-, fut. -καταστήσω:—
replace, substitute, ἄλλα Hdt.9.93; μὴ ἐλάσσω ἀντικαταστῆσαι πάλιν replace an equal quantity of gold, Th.2.13; ἄλλους ἀ. set up others in their stead, Arist.Mir.838a3.

2. set against, oppose, τινὰ πρός τινα Th. 4.93; establish as a counterpart, τινά τινι Pl.R.591a.

3. set up or bring back again, ἀ. ἐπὶ τὸ θαρρεῖν Th.2.65; rally, τοὺς θορυβηθέντας D.H.6.11.

II. Pass., with aor. 2 and pf. Act.; also aor. 1 κατεστάθην X.An.3.1.38:—
to be put in another's place, reign in his stead, Hdt.2.37, X.l.c.

2. to be pitted against another, opposed, abs., Th.1.71, 3.47, etc.; τινί X.Eq.Mag.7.5.

b. in lawsuits, to be confronted with, τινί, πρός τινα, POxy.97.9 (ii A. D.), BGU168.11(ii A.D.).