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apa^gôgê, hê, leading away, of troops, X.An.7.6.5; dragging away, rape, gunaikôn Luc.Phal.1.3 (pl.).

b. leading into captivity, LXX Is.10.4, al.

c. separation, withdrawal, sômatos (from the soul), Plot.4.4.19.

II. payment, katestrepsato es phorou a. subjected them to payment of tribute, Hdt.1.6.27, 2.182.

III. as Att. lawterm,

1. a summary process by which a person caught in the act (ep' autophôrôi) might be arrested by any citizen and brought before the magistrates, Antipho 5.9, And.1.88, Lys. 13.85f, D.24.113; apagôgês axia Hyp.Eux.16.

2. written complaint handed in to the magistrates, apagein tên a. lay such accusation, Lys.13.86; paradechesthai a., of the Eleven, admit it, ibid.

IV. in Logic, shifting of the basis of argument: hence of argument based on a probable or agreed assumption, Arist.APr.69a20, cf. SE65.35; reduction, hê eis to adunaton a. reductio per impossibile, APr. 29b6; hê a. metabasis estin ap' allou problêmatos ê theôrêmatos ep' allo, hou gnôsthentos ê poristhentos kai to prokeimenon estai kataphanes Procl. in Euc.p.212F.; tôn aporoumenôn diagrammatôn tên a. poiêsasthai ib. p.213F.

b. reduction of a disputant (cf. apagô v. 1c), hê epi to adêlon a. S.E.P.2.234.