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ἀπόκειμαι, fut. -κείσομαι, used as Pass. of ἀποτίθημι, to be laid away from, προμαθείας ἀπόκεινται ῥοαί the tides of events lie beyond our foresight, Pi.N.11.46, cf. Arat.110.

II. abs., to be laid up in store, of money, ἀ. ἔνδον ἀργύριον Philetaer.7.6; σῖτος D.42.6; παρά τινι Lys.19.22; τινί for one's use, X.An.2.3.15; χάρις ..ξύν' ἀπόκειται (as Reisig for ξῠναπόκειται) is laid up as a common possession, S.OC1752: hence, to be kept in reserve, X.Cyr.3.1.19, etc.; πολύς σοι [γέλως] ἐστὶν ἀποκείμενος you have great store of laughter in reserve, ib.2.2.15; ἀ. εἰς .. to be reserved for an occasion, Pl.Lg.952d; τὸ τῆς συγγνώμης ὠφέλιμον, ἔλεος ἀ. τινί, D.23.42, D.S.13.31; σοφία ἐς ἐκείνας [τὰς τέχνας] ἀποκείσθω let the name of wisdom be reserved for .., Philostr.Gym.1; ἐφ' ὑμῖν ἀπόκειται τὸ πεισθῆναι you reserve your acquiescence, D.Chr.38.5: c. inf., ἀτυχήματα ἀπόκειταί τινι ἐνευδοκιμεῖν D.18.198; ὅσα τοῖς κακουργοῖς ἀ. παθεῖν D.H.5.8, cf. Luc. Syr.D.51; ἀ. τοῖς ἀνθρώποις ἅπαξ ἀποθανεῖν Ep.Hebr.9.27; πᾶσι ..τὸ θανεῖν ἀπόκειται Epigr.Gr.416.6 (Alexandria).

2. to be buried, Not. Scav.1923.49.

III. to be laid aside, neglected, ἀ. πόρρω Cratin.367, cf. Plu.2.159f, Philostr.VA8.21.

2. ἀποκειμένη καὶ παλαιὰ φύσις stale, of perfume, D.S.3.46.

IV. to be exposed, lie open, to, χώρα ἀ. βαρβάροις Procop.Aed.4.2, cf. 2.9.