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αὐλέω, Boeot. part. αὐλίων IG7.3211,3212 (Orchom. Boeot.): (αὐλός):—
play on the flute, Φρύγιον αὔλησεν μέλος Alcm.82, cf. Hdt. 1.141, 2.60, Pl.Prt.327a: c. dat. pers., X.Smp.2.8, etc.; αὐ. ἔξοδον play a finale, Ar.V.582; αὐ. εἰρεσίαν, of the boatswain, Plu.Alc. 2:—
Pass., of tunes, to be played on the flute, ὁ Βακχεῖος ῥυθμὸς ηὐλεῖτο X. Smp.9.3; αὐλεῖται πᾶν μέλαθρον is filled with music, E.IT367.

2. of persons, play to, Philostr.VA2.34, cf. A.D.Synt.302.1:—
mostly in Pass., to be played to, hear music, X.An.6.1.11, Cyr.4.5.7, Arist. Pr.917b19 (but possibly Med. as in Pl.Lg.791a), Thphr.Char.19.10, 20.10.

II. generally, play, κέρατι Luc.DDeor.12.1, cf. Poll.4.74.