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δοάσσατο, Homeric aor. form, mostly impers., = Att. ἔδοξε, it seemed, in phrase ὧδε δέ (or ὣς ἄρα) οἱ φρονέοντι δοάσσατο κέρδιον εἶναι so it seemed to him to be best, Il.13.458, Od.5.474, al.; also ὡς ἄν τοι πλήμνη γε δοάσσεται (Ep. for δοάσσηται) ἄκρον ἱκέσθαι till the nave appear even to graze, Il.23.339.

II. for δοάσσαι, δοάσσατο, as used by A.R., v. δοιάζω. (For δο-άσσατο: δέ-ατο cf. τροχ-άζω: τρέχω.)