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ἐκβολ-ή, ἡ, ἐκβάλλω throwing out, ψήφων ἐ. casting the votes out of the urn, A. Eu.748.

2.jettisoning of cargo, Id.Th.769 (lyr.), Arist.EN1110a9, Act.Ap.27.18 (but simply, unloading, Sammelb.1207): metaph., ἐ. τῆς δόξης casting out of it, getting rid of it, Pl.Sph.230b, R.412e; ἐ. ἐλέου Aphth.Prog.7, cf. Diog.Oen.4.

II. expulsion, banishment, A.Supp.421 (lyr., pl.); μετὰ τὴν τῶν τυράννων ἐ. Arist.Pol.1275b36; ἐκβολαὶ ἐκ τῆς πόλεως Pl.Lg.847b; dislodgement, ejection, Plb.4.8.4.

2. divorce, repudiation, γυναικός Lib.Decl.26.45.

III. letting fall or drop, δακρύων ἐκβολαί E.HF742 (lyr.); ἐ. [ὀδόντων] casting or shedding of teeth, Arist.GA789a15.

IV. expulsion of a foetus, Hp. Mul.1.78.

2. ἐ. σίτου the time when the corn comes into ear, Th.4.1.

3. shoot, καυλοῦ Dsc.3.114.

V. putting out of a joint, dislocation, ἐκβολαὶ τῶν ἄρθρων Plu.2.164f.

VI. putting forth, exposing, μαστῶν Plb.2.56.7.

VII. debouchure, outlet, ἐ. Πηνειοῦ Hdt.7.128; mouth of a river, in pl., Th.2.102; in sg., Id.7.35, Pl.Phd. 113a: pass leading out of a chain of mountains, αἱ ἐκβολαὶ τοῦ Κιθαιρῶνος Hdt.9.38.

2. by-way, ἐ. ἐκ τῆς ὁδοῦ τῆς εὐθείας Paus.3.10.7: metaph., ἐ. λόγου digression, Th.1.97, Philostr.Her.19.14 (pl.), etc.

3. close of a verse, Eust.900.24.

4. projection, στόματος a snout, Philostr.Jun.Im.12.

VIII. (from Pass.), that which is cast out, δικέλλης ἐ. earth thrown up by a mattock, upcast, S.Ant. 250; οὐρεία ἐ. children cast or exposed on the mountains, E.Hec.1079 (anap.).

2. cargo thrown overboard, jetsam, πλὴν ἐκβολῆς, ἣν ἂν..ἐκβάλωνται Syngr. ap. D.35.11; so ἐκβολαὶ νεώς wrecked seamen, E.IT1424.

IX. in Music, interval of five διέσεις, Plu.2.1141b, Bacch.Harm.42, Aristid.Quint.1.10.

X. = ἐκβολάς I, Str.14.5.28.