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ἐκλανθάνω, escape notice utterly:—
Med., forget utterly, c. gen. rei, ἐκ χόλω τῶδε λαθοίμεθα Alc.Supp.23.9; τοῦδ' ἐκλανθάνει thou forgettest this entirely, S.OC1005; ἐγλαθόμενος τῆς εὐθύνης POxy.1203.8 (i A.D.), cf. Ph.1.247, al.; ἐ. ὅτι.. Pl.Ax.369e.

II. causal in pres. ἐκληθάνω, with aor. 1 ἐξέλησα, Aeol. ἐξέλᾱσα (v. infr.): Ep. redupl. aor. 2 ἐκλέλᾰθον:

1. Act., make one quite forgetful of a thing, c.gen. rei, ἐκ δέ με πάντων ληθάνει ὅσσ' ἔπαθον Od.7.220; ἔκ μ' ἔλᾱσας ἀλγέων Alc.95: c. acc. rei, ἐκλέλαθον κιθαριστύν made him quite forget his harping, Il.2.600: abs., Ἀί̈δας ὁ ἐκλελάθων (redupl. pres.) Theoc. 1.63.

2. Med. and Pass., forget utterly, ὀϊζύος ἐκλελαθέσθαι Il.6.285; ἀικῆς ἐξελάθοντο 16.602; ὡς ἐκλέλησμαί γ' ἃ πάρος εἴπομεν E. Ba.1272: c. inf., ἐκλάθετο..καταβῆναι Od.10.557; λελάθοντο.., οὐ μὰν ἐκλελάθοντ' Sapph.93.