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Kastoreios, a, on, of or belonging to Castor: to K. melos a martial song, set to the flute, used in celebrating victories in the horse or chariot races, Pi.P.2.69; ho K. humnos Id.I.1.16; also, of a battle-march, Plu.Lyc.22, cf. 2.1140c, Phld.Vit.p.25 J.

II. kastoreios or kass-orios, a, on, of the beaver, orcheis Hsch. S1.v. kastôr; haima Dsc.2.24:—
esp. kastoreion or kass-orion, to, castor, secretion found in the body of the beaver, used in medicine, Anon.Lond.37.51, POxy. 1088.27 (i A.D.), Plu.2.55a, Sor.2.29, GC65.29, etc.