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μάνης [ᾱ], ὁ, a kind of cup, acc. sg. μάνην, IG11(2).219B65,66, 226 B9 (Delos. iii B. C.), Nico 1: nom. pl. μάνητες PHib.1.121.50 (iii B. C.): but acc. pl. μάνας IG11(2).110.22 (Delos, iii B. C.).

II. small bronze figure used in the game of κότταβος (q. v.), Hermipp. 47, Antiph.55.11, Nicoch.10.

III. freq. in Com., as the name of a Phrygian slave, cf. Str.7.3.12: generally, slave, Sch.Ar.Av.523; applied to uncultured or dull people, Ar.Ra.965, al.

IV. a throw of the dice, Eub.59.