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παίδειος or παιδεῖος (Hdn.Gr.1.135), ον, = παιδικός, of or for a boy, ὕμνοι π. songs to the boys they loved, Pi.I.2.3, cf. Ath.13.601a; π. κρέα A.Ag.1242, 1593; π. τροφή the care of rearing children, a mother's cares, S.Ant.918; π. οἰκοδομήματα Pl.Lg.643b; μάθημα ib.747b; αἱ π. τιμαί honours bestowed on children, ib.810a.

II. Subst. παιδεῖον, τό, boy's dress, prob. in IG22.1516.8.