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παίδ-ευμα, ατος, τό, that which is reared up or educated, i.e. nursling, scholar, pupil, E.El.887; [ὑμεῖς] παιδεύματα θεῶν ὄντες Pl.Ti. 24d; μῆλα, φυλλάδος Παρνασίας παιδεύματ' E.Andr.1100; πόντου παιδεύματα, of fish, Id.Fr.27.5 (lyr.): in pl., of a single object, Id.Hipp. 11.

II. thing taught, subject of instruction, S.Fr.1120.3, Pl.Lg. 747c(pl.), X.Oec.7.6, D.60.16(pl.), Arist.Pol.1338a11(pl.).

2. means of instruction, κακόν τι π. ἦν ἄρ' ..ὁ πλοῦτος E.Fr.54.