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παράτᾰσις, εως, ἡ, (παρατείνω) extension or continuance of or in time, S.E.P.3.107, Ptol. Tetr.75; χρονικὴ π. Procl.Inst.50; ἐπιθυμία ..μετὰ προκοπῆς τινος καὶ παρατάσεως Stoic.3.96; π. τοῦ ἐνεστῶτος continuance of the present, A.D.Synt.252.4; ἐν παρατάσει γενέσθαι τοῦ τρέχειν continue to run, ib.273.17; εἰ ἐν π. χρόνου τὸ εὐδαιμονεῖν Plot.1.5tit.; παρ' ὃ ἡ κίνησις τὴν π. ἔχει, of time, Id.3.7.8, cf. 3.6.17; τὸ ἀεί φαμεν παράτασιν ἔχειν Dam.Pr.298.

b. π. δοῦναί τισι grant them an extension of time for payment, PTeb.37.8 (i B. C., pl.).

2. extension in space, long stretch, ἡ τῶν ἐντέρων π. Arist.PA677b37, cf. Iamb.Myst.1.9.

3. direction of extension, dimension, ἓξ π. S.E.M. 9.367, al.

II. Gramm., time of the tempus imperfectum (cf.παρατατικός), A.D.Synt.70.27, EM472.22, Eust.19.28; opp. ἐνεστὼς χρόνος, A.D.Adv.124.5.