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παραγγ-ελία, ἡ, command or order issued to soldiers, X.HG2.1.4, Act.Ap.16.24; τόπος ἐπιτηδειότατος εἰς π. for giving the word of command, Plb.6.27.1: generally, order issued by an authority, PAmh.2.68.63 (i A. D.), etc.

II. summoning one's partisans to support one in a suit at law, exertion of influence, σπουδὴ καὶ π., συγγνώμη καὶ π., D.19.1, 283.

2. summons to appear in court, POxy.484.18 (ii A. D.), etc.

3. canvassing for public office, Plu.Crass.15, App.BC1.21, etc.

III. set of rules or precepts, ὑπὸ παραγγελίαν πίπτειν Arist. EN1104a7; παραδόσεις καὶ π. Phld.Rh.1.78 S. (pl.); μεθοδικὴ π. Phld. Po.2.33; instruction, precept, advice, Hp.Jusj., D.S.4.36, 15.10; τὸ τέλος τῆς π. ἐστὶν ἀγάπη 1 Ep.Ti.1.5; τεχνίτης π. λογικῆς, of rules of literary composition, D.S.26.1.