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παραγίγνομαι, Ion. and later Gr. παρα-γίνομαι [ῑ], aor. Pass. παρεγενήθην Plb.3.99.2, etc.:—
to be beside, by or near: c. dat. pers. et rei, καί σφιν παρεγίγνετο δαιτί attended them at the banquet, Od.17.173: c. dat. pers. only, Σοφοκλεῖ π. ἐρωτωμένῳ was by him when he was asked, Pl.R.329b, cf. Antipho 6.17: c. dat. rei only, π. τῇ μάχῃ to be present at .., Pl.Chrm.153c; τῇ συνουσίᾳ Id.Smp.172c, cf. Hdt.8.109; also π. ἐν τοῖς ἀγῶσι Isoc.12.52; ἐν τοιοῖσδε λόγοις, ἐν τῇ συνουσίᾳ, Pl.Prt.337a, Smp.173b: abs., Antipho 2.3.5.

2. π. τινί come to one's side, stand by, second, Hes.Th.429, 436, Hdt.3.32; μάρτυρες ..τοῖσι θανοῦσιν π. A.Eu.319 (anap.); ἐπί τινα against one, Th.2.95; μάχῃ ..π. τισί support them in battle, Id.3.54: abs., Hes.Th. 432, Th.6.67; ἄνδρες ἱππῆς -γένεσθε Ar.Eq.242; -γενηθεὶς ἐπάγγελτος SIG708.21 (Istropolis, ii B. C.).

3. of things, to be at hand, accrue to one, πόλεμος ὅθεν καί τις δύναμις παρεγένετο Th.1.15, cf. X.Mem. 4.2.2; φόβοι παραγιγνόμενοί τισι Isoc.5.34; ἀρετὴ π. οἷς ἂν π. Pl. Men.99e, cf. 86d, Arist.EN1099b16; ἀπὸ φυσιολογίας Phld.Rh.1.122 S.; of scientific learning, Arist.APo.71a4; of virtue, ὅτῳ τρόπῳ παραγίγνεται Pl.Men.71a.

4. π. ἀπό τινος to be descended from .., or perh. to have a right to attend a sacrifice through descent from .., Inscr.Cos405.

II. come to, τινι Thgn.139, X.Cyr.4.1.14, etc.; π. ἐς κώμην Hdt.1.185; π. ἐς τὠυτό come to the same point, Id.2.4; ἐς τὸ δέον Id.1.32; ἐπὶ τὰς ταφάς Aeschin.3.235: abs., arrive, come up, παρεγένοντο αἱ νέες Hdt.6.95.

2. come to maturity, of corn, Id.1.193; of the horns of oxen, to be fully grown, Id.4.29.

3. have recourse to, ἐπὶ τροφὴν καὶ πόμα Gal.15.506; ἐπὶ τὸ τῆς ὄνου γάλα ib. 746.