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παρα-τίλλω, fut. -τῐλῶ Ar. Eq.373:—
pluck the hair from any part of the body but the head, τὰς βλεφαρίδας τινός l. c. (vulg. περιτιλῶ):—
Med., pluck out one's hairs, Id.Ach.31: fut. παρατῐλοῦμαι Men.363.5: —
Pass., freq. in pf. part. παρατετιλμένος, η, clean-plucked, a practice among voluptuaries and women, Ar.Lys.89, Ra.516, Pl.Com.174.14; δέλτα π. Ar.Lys.151; ὁ ἁλοὺς μοιχὸς παρατίλλεται Id.Pl.168, cf. Luc.Fug.33.

II.. Med., pull up weeds, Gp.2.38.2.