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παρατρέφω, aor. 1 παρέθρεψα Hdn. (v. infr.):—
Pass., aor. 2 παρετράφην Men.866:—
feed beside or with one, τὸν βουλόμενον Timocl. 9.2; maintain in addition, Arist.Ath.62.2, PSI6.571.15 (iii B. C.); ἵππους, κύνας, Plu. 2.830c, cf. Ael.NA3.1 (Pass.):—
Pass., of slaves, etc., to be brought up with the children, Posidon.36 J., Harp. S1.v. μόθωνας; οὐχ αὑτῷ παρετράφην ἀλλά σοι Men. l. c.; of concubines, live with the wives, Plu.Art.27; of men and animals, feed at another's expense, D.19.200, Men.244, Plu.2.13c.

2. bring up alike, ἀμφοτέρους ἴσους ἐκ παίδων παραθρέψαι Hdn.3.15.5.

3. Pass., to be educated, ἐν φιλοσοφία Plu.2.37e, 138c.