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παρεῖπον, aor. 2 with no pres, in use, παράφημι being used, talk over, win over, Il.1.555, 6.337, A.Pr.131 (lyr.); εἰ ..θυμὸν ὀρίναις παρειπών by thy persuasions, Il.11.793, cf. 15.404: c. acc. cogn., give such and such advice, αἴσιμα παρειπών 6.62, 7.121. [In Il. πᾱρειπών, πᾱρειποῦσα, i.e. παρfειπών, -οῦσα; but μή σε πᾰρείπῃ 1.555.]