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παχν-όω, congeal, solidify, Plu.2.396b:—
Pass., ib.736a.

b. πεπαχνῶσθαι to be covered with rime, Gp.12.17.1.

2. metaph., strike chill, ἐπάχνωσεν φίλον ἦτορ made his blood curdle, Hes. Op.360:—
mostly in Pass., ἦτορ παχνοῦται his heart is cold and stiff [with grief], Il.17.112; παχνοῦσθαι πένθεσιν, λύπῃ, A.Ch.83 (lyr.), E.Hipp.803: in later Prose, ἐπαχνώθη J.BJ 1.28.3.