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πέλτ-η, Dor. πέλτα Tab.Heracl. 1.5, 2.4: ἡ:—
small light shield of leather without a rim, orig. Thracian, Hdt.7.75; Θρῃκίας π. ἄναξ E.Alc. 498, cf. Ba. 783, Ar. Lys. 563, IG12.282.120, PCair.Zen.14(b)12 (iii B. C.), etc.; π. Ἀμαζονική Plu.Pomp. 35.

2. body of πελτασταί, E.Rh.410.

3. horse's ornament, ib. 305.

II. = παλτόν, shaft, pole, X.An. 1.10.12: expld. by δόρυ, ἁκόντιον, Hsch., by λόγχη, Suid.