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πέραι-ος (properisp.), α, ον, (πέραν) on the further side or bank, ἤπειρος, γαῖα, A.R. 2.392, 4.848; τὰ π. Call.Fr.1.15 P.

2. Comp., περαιότερόν τι anything further, PFay.124.8 (ii A. D.).

II. Subst., ἡ περαία (sc. γῆ, χώρα) the country on the other side of the river, etc., Str.4.1.12; τῆς χώρας τῆς π. SIG588.29 (Milet., ii B. C.): freq. with gen. whether partitive or objective, ἡ π. τῆς Βοιωτίης χώρης the part of Boeotia over against [Chalcis], Hdt.8.44; ἡ π. τῆς Ἀσίας the coast of Asia over against [Rhodes], D.S.20.97 (but ἡ τῶν Ῥοδίων π. Str.14.2.1, 14.5.11: hence pr. n. ἡ Περαία, Plb.18.2.3, 18.6.3; also of the country beyond Jordan, J.BJ3.3.3, St.Byz.); πᾶσα περαίη Θρηϊκίης all the opposite coast of Thrace, A.R.1.1112; ἡ Τενεδίων π. the coast [of the Troad] opposite to Tenedos, Str.13.1.32.