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Πέρσ-ης, ου, ὁ, heterocl. acc. Πέρσεα v. l. in Hdt.8.108, 109; voc. Πέρσᾰ (but Πέρση when it is the pr. n. of a person, Hdn.Gr.2.690):—
Persian, Hdt.1.4, etc. (The Greeks derived the name of the people from Perseus, Id.7.61.)

b. Πέρσαι, οἱ, the city of Persepolis, Beros. 16 (leg. <καὶ> π.), Arr.An.3.18.10; cf. Περσέπολις.

II. freq. as pr.n., Perses, Hes.Op.10,27, Hdt.7.61, etc.; name of a Titan, Hes. Th.409.

III. the name of a throw on the dice, Hsch.