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πεσσός, Att. πεττ-, ὁ, heterocl. pl. πεσσά S.Fr.429, Euph.61:—
oval-shaped stone for playing draughts or backgammon, usu. in pl. (λευκοῖο σημήϊα π. AP9.482.21 (Agath.)), πεσσοῖσι ..θυμὸν ἔτερπον Od.1.107, cf.Hdt.1.94; τοὶ μὲν ἵπποις .., τοὶ δὲ πεσσοῖς ..τέρπονται Pi.Fr.129.4; πεττῶν θέσις Pl.R.333b; ἐφηῦρε πεσσοὺς κύβους τε (sc. Palamedes) S. Fr.479.4; πόλεις πεσσῶν ὁμοίως διαφοραῖς ἐκτις μέναι as if moved from place to place like draughts, E.Fr.360.9; ἒν μὲν τόδ' ἡμῖν, ὥσπερ ἐν πεσσοῖς, δίδως κρεῖσσον you have given me a piece (as at chess), Id.Supp.409; κατὰ τὸν ἐν πεττοῖς νόμον Ar.Ec.987; πεττῶν δίκην τὰς κοινὰς ἐννοίας μετατιθείς Plu.2.1068c; ἐν πεττοῖς καὶ κύβοις διημερεύειν ib.272f; ἄζυξ ὢν ὥσπερ ἐν πεττοῖς Arist.Pol.1253a7.

2. the board on which the game was played, πεσσὰ πεντέγραμμα, since the pieces were placed on five lines, S.Fr.429.

3. οἱ π. the place in which the game was played, or the game itself, E.Med.68; ἔνθα Διὸς ..θᾶκοι π. τε καλοῦνται Cratin.7.

II. medicated plug of wool or lint to be introduced into the vagina, anus, etc., pessary, Thphr.HP9.20.4, Dsc.1.106, 2.61, Cels.5.21, etc.

2. any oval body, π. ἐκ μολύβδου App.Mith.31.

3. ticket or tally showing attendance at an ἐκκλησία, JHS8.118 (Iasus).

4. bolt of a door, PMag.Lond.121.616, POxy. 2146.10 (iii A. D.).

III. in Archit., cubic mass of building, terrace, Str.16.1.5, POxy.1272.6 (ii A. D.), Procop.Aed.1.1.37.

IV. dark edge of the pupil (in the eye), Poll.2.71, Hsch.