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πλινθ-ίον, τό, Dim. of πλίνθος, small brick, Th.6.88, X.Cyr.7.1.24; of gold, IG22.1377.13.

II. = πλαίσιον:

1. square of troops, Hell.Oxy.7.2, Plu. Crass.23, Arr.Tact.11.5, 29.8; τάξας τὴν στρατιὰν ἐν πλινθίῳ J.AJ13.4.4.

2. sundial, Vitr.9.8.1.

3. a bandage, = ἡμιρρόμβιον, Gal. 18(1).798, cf. Heraclasap.Orib.48.13.1.

b. machine invented by Nileus for reducing dislocations, Heliod. ap. Orib.49.7.

4. rectangular box, Bito60.2.

III. checker-board, Poll.9.98.

2. table of numbers divided into squares, Vett.Val.321.1: hence, = διάγραμμα, of a musical scale, Ph.1.27.

3. pl., = Lat. regiones caeli, fields into which the Augurs divided the templum of the heavens, Plu.Cam.32, Rom. 22.

4. squares or checks of tartan, D.S.5.30.

5. front frame of a torsion-engine, Ph.Bel.60.6, HeroBel.81.10; also, case or chamber in which mechanism is fitted, Id.Aut.5.3.

6. generally, rectangle, Str. 2.5.36, PMag.Lond.46.349,361.