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πλινθ-ίς, ίδος, ἡ, Dim. of πλίνθος, stone cut in the shape of a brick, IG22.1668.26.

2. square or check, Callix. 1.

b. = πλινθίον 111.1, for a kind of cross-word puzzle, Puchstein Epigr.Gr.p.7, PMag.Par.1.1305.

3. sundial, Plu.2.410e.

4. paper-weight(?), AP6.295.6 (Phan.).

5. block of land 6,000 ft. square, = Lat. laterculus, Hygin. in Corp.Agrimens.Rom. ip.85 Thulin.

6. block of wood inserted to strengthen the χοινικίδες, Ph.Bel.57.35.

7. block of fish-pemmican, Agatharch.34.

II. number squared and multiplied by a smaller number, Theo Sm.p.41 H., Nicom.Ar.2.6, 17, Anon. in Tht.43.22.

III. = πλινθίον 11.1, Corp.Herm.16.13.