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πόλ-ισμα, ατος, τό, buildings of a city, town, sts. = πόλις, sts. difft. from it; of Ecbatana, Hdt.1.98; π. Πελασγικά ib.57, cf. 6.6; of Thebes, A.Th.63, al.; of Troy, S.Ph.1424; of Athens, Id.OC1496 (lyr.), cf. Ar.Av.553, 1565; ὦ π. Κεκροπίας χθονός Men.Sam.110: pl., Call.Aet. Oxy.2080.90: in Prose, Th.1.10, 4.54; of the Acropolis, Dicaearch. Hist.72; = municipium, Gloss.