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πολέμαρχ-ος, ὁ, chieftain, war-lord, Κνωσίων, Ἀχαιῶν, B. 16.39, A Ch.1072 (anap.), cf.Th.828 (anap.).

II. the title of high officers in several Greek states:

1. at Athens, the third archon, Hdt.6.109, Ar.V.1042, IG12.16.10,49.7, al.; ὠφληκέναι παρὰ τῷ π. in his court, Lys.23.3; at Sparta, a military commander, Hdt.7.173, Th.5.66, X.HG4.4.7,4.5.7, etc.; at Thebes, officers of chief rank after the Boeotarchs, supreme in affairs of war, ib.5.4.2 sqq., Michel 232 (ii B.C., found in Crete), etc.; at Orchomenos, IG7.3175.5, etc.; at Mantinea, Th.5.47; in Arcadia, Plb.4.18.2; π. ἐπιμήνιος SIG402.1 (Chois, iii B.C.).

2. simply, chief, leader, συνεφήβων IG22.2055.