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πολῐ-ήτης, εω, ὁ, Ep. and Ion. for πολίτης, citizen, Il.2.806 (elsewh. Hom. uses the form πολίτης), Simon.137, twice in Trag., A.Pers.556, E.El.119 (both lyr.); constantly in Hdt. (only in 1.96 codd. have πολιτέων):—
fellow-citizen, countryman, ib.37,120, al., cf. πολιάτας:—
fem. πολιῆτις, ιδος, A.R. 1.867: as Adj., ψάμαθοι πολιήτιδος ἀκτᾶς sands on my country's shore, E.Hipp.1126(lyr.).