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ποῦ, Ion. κοῦ, interrog. Adv. where? Hom., etc.; freq. c. dat. pers., ποῦ δέ οἱ ἔντεα κεῖται ..; Il.10.407; π. τοι τόξον; 5.171; π. τοι Δηί̈φοβος .., π. δέ τοι Ὀθρυονεύς; 13.770, 772; ἀλλ' ἡμὶν Αἴας ποὖστιν; S. Aj.733; π. μοί ποτε ναίει; Id.OC137 (lyr.); rarely with Verbs of motion in early authors, v. που sub fin.:—
c. gen. loci, π. χθονός; where in the world? A.Pers.231; π. γῆς; S.Aj.984, OT108, etc.; π. τῆς χώρας; X.Eq.Mag.7.14; τὴν σοφίαν ..π. χοροῦ τάξομεν; in what part of the chorus? Pl.Euthd.279c.

2. so in a sense not strictly local, π. ποτ' εἶ φρενῶν; S.El.390; π. γνώμης ποτ' εἶ; Id.Ant.42; π. ποτ' εἰμὶ πράγματος; Id.Tr.375; π. σοι τύχης ἕστηκεν; at what point of fortune stands he? Id.Aj.102.

II. of manner, how? E.IA406, Or.802; to express an inference very strongly, κοῦ γε δὴ ..οὐκ ἂν χωσθείη κόλπος ..; how then would it not ..? i.e. it certainly would .., Hdt.2.11, cf. Th.8.27 codd.; in Trag., in indignant questions, how? by what right? π. σὺ στρατηγεῖς τοῦδε; S.Aj.1100; ποῦ σὺ μάντις εἶ σαφής; Id.OT390, cf. Ph.451, E.Heracl.369 (lyr.), 510; π. γάρ ἐστι δίκαιον; D.37.41, cf. 23.58.