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πρᾰπίδες, αἱ, dat. πραπίσιν Pi.O.2.94, Ep. πραπίδεσσι (v. infr.):—

1. = φρένες, midriff, diaphragm, βάλε ..ἦπαρ ὑπὸ πραπίδων Il. 11.579, cf. 13.412, 17.349: then, since this was deemed the seat of mental powers and affections,

2. understanding, mind, ἰδυίῃσι πραπίδεσσι 1.608, 18.380, etc.; περὶ μὲν πραπίδες, περὶ δ' ἐστὶ νόημα Hes. Th.656; as the seat of desire, heart, ἀπὸ πραπίδων ἦλθ' ἵμερος Il.24.514; ἔσχεν ἄκοιτιν ἀρηρυῖαν πραπίδεσσιν wins a wife after his own heart, Hes.Th.608; πάσῃσιν ὀρέξαιτο πραπίδεσσιν Emp.129.4; πραπίδων πλοῦτος ib.2, cf. Pi.O.11(10).10, P.4.281; Trag. in lyr., εὖ πραπίδων λαχόντα A.Ag.380, cf. 802, E.Andr.480: rarely in sg. πραπίς, ίδος, Pi.P.2.61, Fr.109, E.Ba.427 (lyr.), 999 (lyr.); ἔργον ἐμῆς π. IG 14.1500.