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πρόγραμμα, ατος, τό, public proclamation or notice, edict, PRev. Laws9.7(iii B.C.), Plu.Galb.5, Hdn.4.9.4, D.C.65.1, etc.; placard, notice, Luc.Herm.11, POxy.2108.6 (iii A.D.), PMasp.353.4 (vi A.D.).

2. order of the day, agenda of βουλή or ἐκκλησία, D.25.9, Arist.Ath.44.2.

3. title of a prescription, Gal.13.909; address of a letter, Procop.Gaz.Ep.25.

4. injunction, advice, Gal.17(2).141.