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προφυλ-άσσω, Att. προφύλ-ττω, keep guard before a place or house, c. acc., νηόν h.Ap.538 (in Ep. imper. form προφύλαχθε, for προφυλάσσετε), cf. X.Mem.2.7.14: c. gen., Id.Hier.6.10: abs., to be on guard, keep a look-out, τὴν προφυλάσσουσαν (sc. νέα) ἐπὶ Σκιάθῳ Hdt.8.92, cf. 7.179, Ar.Ach.1146 (anap.), Th.2.93:—
Med., to be on one's guard, take precautions, προεφυλάξατο ὅσα ἐδύνατο μάλιστα Hdt.1.185, cf. Th.6.38: c. acc., to be on one's guard or take precautions against, Hdt.7.176, cf.9.99, X.HG5.3.5, Mem.1.4.13.

II. later Act. is used like Med., take precautions against, τὰ τοῦ σώματος κινήματα Plu.2.129a.