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προπομπ-ός, όν, escorting, esp. in procession, λόχος X.Cyr.4.5.17: c. acc., χοὰς π. carrying drink-offerings in procession, A.Ch.23(lyr.).

II. Subst., conductor, escort, protector, Id.Pers.1036 (lyr.), X.Cyr.3.1.2; of Hermes, Alex.89; of the Furies, A.Eu.206; of priestesses of Athena, ib. 1005(anap.); of attendants in a funeral procession, Id.Th.1074 (anap.); π. τιρώνων PLips.35.5 (iv A.D., cf. Arch.Pap.3.563).