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προσαιτ-έω, ask besides, οὐδέν Pi.Fr.177.6; αἷμα π. demand more blood, A. Ch.401 (anap.); π. μισθόν demand higher pay, X.An.1.3.21.

2. demand or require for a purpose, ὅσους ..τὰ ἔργα προσαιτοίη Id.Vect.4.39.

II. ask as well as others (sc. for a share), and so, c. acc. pers., ask an alms of, Hdt.3.14, Isoc.7.83, etc.: c. acc. rei, beg for a thing, βίοτον, στρατιάν, E.Hel.791, Ar.Lys.1141: c. dupl. acc., beg somewhat of one, E.Hel.512, X.An.7.3.31: c. gen., beg some of .., Plu.Alc.4: abs., to be importunate, E.Supp. 64 (lyr.), Ar.Ach.429, 452; to be a beggar, Pl.Smp.203b, PCair.Zen.493.6 (iii B.C.), prob. in Plu. 2.294a.