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πυρρίχ-η [ῐ] (sc. ὄρχησις), ἡ, war-dance, Ar.Ra.153, X.An.6.1.12, Pl.Lg.816b; called from one Πύρριχος the inventor, acc. to Aristox. Fr.Hist.46, Str.10.3.8, 10.4.16; but acc. to Arist.Fr.519, from its being first used at the funeral of Patroclus (from πυρά); as a prizecontest, CIG2758 IV (Aphrodisias), 3089 (Teos).

2. generally, δειναὶ π. strange contortions, E.Andr.1135: prov., πυρρίχην βλέπειν 'to look daggers', Ar.Av.1169.