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τᾰπεινότης, ητος, ἡ, lowness of position, etc., ταπεινότητος εἵνεκα Hdt.4.22; τ. τῆς χώρας D.S.1.31; τῆς μήτρας Placit.5.14.2.

2. of condition, low estate, abasement, Th.7.75; εἰς τοσαύτην τ. καταστῆσαι Isoc.4.118, cf. D.10.74, Men.531.12, LXX Si.13.20, Phld.D.1.11.

3. lowness of spirits, dejection, σιωπήν τε καὶ τ. X.HG3.5.21.

4. in moral sense, baseness, vileness, Pl.Plt.309a; joined with μικροψυχία, Arist.Rh.1384a4.

5. of style, meanness, Quint. Inst.8.3.48.