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τελευτ-αῖος, α, ον, (τελευτή) last, in Order, οἱ τ. κύκλοι Hdt.1.98; τὰ δύο τὰ τ. the last two lines, Id.7.142; τὰ τ. the endings or terminations, Id.5.68; ἐν τελευταίοις πίπτειν Pl.R.619e; τελευταίους στῆσαι to station in the rear ranks, X.Cyr.6.3.25; οἱ τ. πόδες the hind feet, Arist.PA684a12.

2. more freq. of Time, ἡ τ. ἡμέρα the last day allowed for payment, D.28.1; of a festival, without ἡμέρα, X.HG6.4.16, etc.; one's last day, S.OT[1528] (troch.), E. Andr.101; ὁδὸν τὴν τ. one's last journey, S.Tr.155; τὸν τ. βίον the end of life, Id.OC1551; τ. ἐμοῦ φήμη Id.Tr.1149; τὸ τ. ἐκβάν D.1.11.

3. uttermost, extremest, ὕβρις S.El.271; ἡ ὀλιγαρχία ἡ τ. Arist.Pol.1312b35; ἡ τ. δημοκρατία ib.1298a31.

II. τὸ τ. as Adv., for the last time, X.HG7.5.20, etc.; or τελευταῖον, Id.Cyr.8.7.28, S.OT1183; τὰ τ. Pl.Cra.515d.

2. τὸ τ. finally, in the last place, Ar.Nu.945 (anap.), Th.8.8, Pl.R.532a, D.18.312, etc.; τὰ τ. Th.1.24, 8.85; τελευταῖον Hdt.1.91: but,

3. the Adj. is freq. used with Verbs, where we should use the Adv., ὁ τελευταῖος δραμών A.Ag. 314; παρελθόντες τελευταῖοι Th.1.67, etc.; cf. τελευτάω 11.4.