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τελήεις, εσσα, εν, (τελέω) Ep. Adj. = τέλειος, perfect, complete, of victims, in Il. and Od. always τεληέσσας ἑκατόμβας, i.e. hecatombs of full tale or number, or of full-grown beasts, or of beasts without blemish, Il.1.315, 2.306, Od.4.352, 17.50, al.; τελήεντες οἰωνοί birds of sure augury, as if they brought about what they betokened, opp. μαψιλόγοι, h.Merc.544 (as perhaps τελειότατος πετεηνῶν, cf. τέλειος 1.1a): in this sense Tyrt.4.2 has τελέεντ' ἔπεα sure predictions, from the form τελέεις.

II. Ὠκεανοῖο τελήεντος ποταμοῖο prob. the river in which all others end, or ending in itself, ever-circling, Hes. Th.242,959.