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τόλμ-ᾰ, ης, ἡ, also τόλμη, which Phryn.PSp.114 B. compares with πρύμνη for πρύμνα: but (apart from πρὸς τόλμην πεσεῖν S.Ichn. 11 (Pap.), which is not guaranteed by the metre) only the form τόλμᾰ (acc. τόλμᾰν, e. g. E.IT862) occurs in Att. and Trag., E.Andr.702, Ion 1264, Fr.426 (in E.Ion1416, ἥ γε τόλμα σου (cj. Jodrell) is the prob.l.), Th.3.82, 6.59, Pl.La.193d, R.575a, Gal.15.144, POxy.1119.8 (iii A. D.), etc.; so in Ion., Hdt. 7.135; but τόλμη (nom.) in Clitarch. 35J., acc. τόλμην LXX Ju.16.10(12) cod.Alex.: Dor. τόλμᾱ, Pi. O.9.82, 13.11:—
courage, hardihood, Pi. ll. cc., Hdt.2.121.ζ́, Trag. and Att. (v. supr.); τόλμα καλῶν courage for noble acts, Pi.N.7.59; τῶνδε τόλμαν σχεθεῖν to have courage or nerve for this business, A. Pr.16.

2. in bad sense, over-boldness, recklessness, Id.Ch.1004 (996); πῶς οὖν ..ἐς τόδ' ἂν τόλμης ἔβη; S.OT125, cf. E.Ion1264, etc.; τόλμης ἔργα κἀναισχυντίας Ar.Th.702; τ. ἀλόγιστος Th.3.82, cf. 6.59; τ. καὶ ἀναίδεια Antipho 3.3.5, Is.6.46; θρασύτης καὶ τ. Pl.La. 197b; τ. καὶ ἀναισχυντία Id.Ap.38d; ἡ ἄφρων τ. Id.La.193d.

II. a bold or daring act, φίλτρα τόλμης τῆσδε A.Ch.1029; τόλμας (gen.), ἃν ἔρεξα E.Andr.838 (lyr.): pl., κακὰς δὲ τόλμας μήτ' ἐπισταίμην ἐγώ S.Tr.582, cf. Aj.46; ἀνόσιοι πληγῶν τ. Pl.Lg.881a, cf. Ep.336d.

III. Pythag. name for 2, Anatol. ap. Theol.Ar.8. (v. τλάω.)