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τότε, Dor. τόκᾰ (q. v.) (both forms in Pi. (τότε P.2.89, τόκα O.6.66) and Theoc. (τότε 13.23, τόκα 7.154)); Aeol. τότᾰ Alc. Oxy.1789 Fr.1i12 (τόκα acc. to codd. of Theoc.29.39, cf. ποτα, ὄτα):—
Adv. at that time, then, corresponding to Relat. ὅτε or ὁπότε (infr. 1.5), and to interrog. πότε; mostly of some point in past time, opp. νῦν, Il.15.724, etc.: c. gen., τ. τοῦ χειμῶνος Th.7.31: also of a future time, τότε κέν μιν ..πεπίθοιμεν Il. 1.100, cf. 4.182; λέξεις καὶ τότ' εἴσομαι S.OT1517 (troch.) (or of imagined circumstances, in that case (cf. νῦν 1.4), Pl.R. 334c); sts., then, next, πρῶτον μὲν .., εἶτα .., καὶ τ ... D.24.48:—
in Trag. and Att. also in indef. sense, formerly, καὶ νῦν θ' ὁμοίως καὶ τότ' ἐξεπίσταμαι S.El.907, cf. Ant.391, Aj.650, Ar.Pl.1117, Lys. 1023 (lyr.); ὃ δὴ καὶ τότε ἐλέγομεν just now, Pl.Tht.157a; τ. μὲν .., νῦν δὲ ..A.Ag.799 (anap.), cf. E.Alc.915 (anap.); νῦν ..τότ' Id.Med.1402 (anap.); ὁμοῖοι καὶ τ. καὶ νῦν Th.1.86, cf. 3.40, D.6.12; also τότ' ἢ τόθ', ὅτε τὸ κύριον μόλῃ at one time or other, A.Ag.766 (lyr.); συμφοραὶ ..βροτοῖσιν ἢ τότ' ἦλθον ἢ τ. E.Andr.853.

2. joined with other Particles, καὶ τ. even then, or (at the beginning of a clause) and then, Il.16.691, Hes. Op.536, etc.; καὶ τ. δή Il.1.92, Od.8.299; καὶ τότ' ἔπειτα Il.1.426; καὶ τ. μέν 21.40; δὴ τ. Hes.Op. 417, Pi.O.3.25, A.Th.214 (lyr.), etc.; τ. δή ῥα Od.9.52; τ. γ' Il.3.224, Od.12.250; δὴ τ. γ' 15.228; τ. δ' ἤδη by that time, Il.2.699; ἀλλὰ τότ' ἤδη when that time comes, Hes.Op.588, cf. A.Pr.911, Lys. 12.66, etc.: repeated with emphasis, τότ' ἄρα τ. S.Ant. 1273 (lyr.); τ. δὴ τ. D.18.47.

3. with the Art., ἄνδρες οἱ τ. people then living, the men of that time, Il.9.559, etc.; οἱ τότ' ἐόντες ἀοιδοί Pi. I.4(3).27(45); ὁ τ. τυραννεύων Hdt.1.20; οἱ τ. ἄνθρωποι Id.8.8; ἡ τ. ἀρωγή A.Ag.73 (anap.); τῇ τόθ' ἡμέρᾳ S.El.1134; ὁ τ. κόσμος 2 Ep.Pet.3.6; ἐν τῷ τ. Th.1.92, Pl.Criti.110d; ἐν τῷ τ. χρόνῳ ib. 111e (χρόνῳ om. cod. A), Plt.270e; εἰς τὸν τ. χρόνον Id.Lg.740c.

4. εἰς τ. with fut., on the day, then (v. εἰς 11.2), ἔμπροσθεν τοῦ ἀγῶνος ἐμανθάνομεν ..ἂν μάχεσθαι .., μιμούμενοι πάντα ἐκεῖνα ὁπόσοις ἐμέλλομεν εἰς τ. χρήσεσθαι ib.830b, cf. D.14.24, etc.; ἐκ τ. or ἔκτοτε (q. v.) from that time, Plu.Caes.48, Arr.An.1.26.4; so ἀπὸ τ. LXXPs. 92(93).2, Ev.Matt.4.17.

5. in apodosi, answering to ὅτε, S.OC 778, etc.; to ὅταν, A.Ag.971, Ar.Av.1116 (troch.); to ὁππότε, Il. 16.244, Od.23.257; to ὁππότε κεν or ὁπότ' ἂν δή, Il.9.702, 21.341; to ἀλλ' ὅτε δή, ib.451; to εἰ, 4.36; to ἐπεί κε, 11.192; to ἡνίκα, S.Aj.773: also after a part., like εἶτα, πάντα ἐάσαντες καὶ μόνον οὐχὶ συγκατασκευάσαντες αὐτῷ τ ... ζητήσομεν; D.3.17, cf. 9.73 (interpol.), etc.: freq. joined with other Particles, δὴ τ. after η ̓̂ος, Il.1.476; after αὐτὰρ ἐπεί, 12.17; after ὁππότε κεν, Od.10.294; also καὶ τ. δή after ἦμος, Il.8.69, Od.9.59; after ἀλλ' ὅτε δή, Il.22.209, Od.4.461; δή ῥα τ. after εὖτ' ἄν, Hes.Op.565; τότ' ἔπειτα after αὐτὰρ ἐπὴν δή, ib.616; καὶ τότ' ἔπειτα after ἦμος, Il. 1.478.

II. later for ὅτε, Nic.Al.422,595.