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τοκ-εύς, έως, ὁ, (τίκτω) one who begets, father, Hes.Th.138, 155: generally, begetter, τέκνου τ. A.Eu.659:—
in Hom. and Hes. mostly in pl., parents, Od.1.170, Hes.Op.185, al. (in dual, τοκῆε δύω Od.8.312); so in Trag., A.Pers.580 (lyr.), al., E.Hec.403, al. (not in S., exc. f.l. in El.187 (lyr.)); also in Prose, Hdt.1.122,3.52, Th.2.44, Lys.2.75, X.Mem.2.1.33, etc.; of animals, Nic.Th.620, Al.563.—
Hom. and Hes. commonly have the Ep. forms τοκῆες, τοκῆας, τοκήων (Il. 15.663, al., more rarely τοκέων ib.660, 21.587); τοκεῦσι 4.477, al.; gen. τοκήων also in Alc. Supp.25.12, Sapph.Supp.5.10, A.Ag.728 (lyr., dub. l.); dat. τοκέσι IG3.1311.