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Τριτο-πάτωρ [ᾰ], ορος, ὁ, great-grandfather, Arist.Fr.415 (but perh. Ar.Byz.): v. l. τριπάτωρ.

II. Τριτοπάτορες, οἱ, divinities worshipped at Athens, to whom prayers were offered ὑπὲρ γενέσεως παίδων (v. Τριτογενής 11), Phanod.4, cf. Clitodem.19, etc.; wind-daemons acc. to Demon 2, cf. Orph.Fr.318: sg., Τριτοπάτωρ Πυρρακιδῶν prob. the mythical ancestor of the P., Durrbach Choix d' inscrr. de Délos No.7 (v/iv B. C.). [The quantity of the ι is unknown.]