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charag-ma [cha^], atos, to, (charassô) any mark engraved, imprinted, or branded, ch. echidnês the serpent's mark, i. e. its bite, sting, S.Ph. 267; en ischiois men hippoi puros charagm' echousin Anacreont.26 B 2; echein to ch. tou thêriou Apoc.16.2, cf. 13.16; ch. cheiros, i.e. writing, AP9.401 (Pall.); charagmata pambasilêos, of an imperial missive, Epic. in BKT5(1).115: abs., inscription, AP7.220 (Agath.), cf. PLond.5.1688.8 (iv A. D.); stamped document, Sammelb.5275.11 (i A. D.); brand on a camel, PGrenf.2.50(a).5 (ii A. D.); ch. technês carved work, Act.Ap.17.29; to ch. tou nomismatos the impress on the coin, Plu.Lys.16, cf. Ages.15, Jul.Mis.355d (pl.), etc.; hence,

2. stamped money, coin, AP5.29 (Antip.Thess.), POxy.144.6 (vi A. D.).

3. metaph., mark, stamp, character, to tês monados sêmantikon ch. Theol.Ar.6.

4. endorsement, Arch.Pap.1.85.