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ἅπᾱς, ἅπᾱσα (also ἅπανσα SIG56.25 (Argos, v B.C.)), ἅπαν (ἅ- = s-, cf. εἷς), strengthd. for πᾶς, quite all, the whole, and in pl.all together, freq. from Hom. downwds.; ἅπασι in all things, Hdt.1.1; τοῖσι ἅπασι 91; ἐν ἅπασι Hp.Coac.156; ἐφ' ἅπασι Ph.2.365.

2. with Adj., ἀργύρεος δὲ ἔστιν ἅ. all silver, i.e. of massive silver, Od.4.616, 15.116; ἅ. δὲ τραχὺς ὅστις ἂν νέον κρατῇ A.Pr.35; μικκός γα μᾶκος ..ἀλλ' ἅπαν κακόν Ar.Ach.909, cf. Theoc.15.19,148; ἡ ἐναντία ἅπασα ὁδός the exactly contrary way, Pl.Prt.317b.

3. with abstract Subst., all possible, absolute, ἅπασ' ἀνάγκη Ar.Th.171; σπουδή D.H.6.23; ἀτοπία Plb.39.1.7; εἰς ἅπαν ἀφικέσθαι ἀνοίας Paus. 7.15.8.

4. sts. c. Art., Hdt.3.64,al., A.Pr.483, Th.2.13.

II. after Hom. in sg., every one, neut. everything, Pl.Phd.108b; οὐ πρὸς [τοῦ] ἅπαντος ἀνδρός not in the power of every man, Hdt.7.153; οὐκ ἐξ ἅπαντος δεῖ τὸ κερδαίνειν φιλεῖν S.Ant.312; ἐξἅπαντος εὖ λέγει in any cause whatever, Id.OC807; σῖγα νῦν ἅπας ἔχε σίγαν Cratin.144; ἅπαν γένοιτ' ἂν ἤδη nihil non .., Ar.Th.528: with Subst., ἅπαντι λόγῳ in every matter, Cratin.231; τὸ ἅπαν, as Adv., altogether, Pl.Phdr.241b; καθ' ἅπαν as a whole, Ti.Locr.96d; ἐς ἅπαν Th.5.103; εἰς ἅπαν at all, Lib.Or.18.266; πρὸς ἅπαν Ph.2.493; ἐξ ἅπαντος Luc.Merc.Cond.41. [ᾰπᾰν Od.24.185, etc., Pi.P.2.49; but ᾰπᾱν Men.129, Metrod.57, Theoc.2.56, and Att. acc. to Hdn.Gr.2.12; ᾰπᾰν in anap., Ar.Pl.493: the use of ἅπας for πᾶς is chiefly for the sake of euphony after consonants.]