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ἄκρῐτος, ον, (κρίνω) undistinguishable, confused, ἄκριτα πόλλ' ἀγορεύειν Od.8.505; τύμβος ἄ. one common undistinguished grave, Il. 7.337; ἄ. πάγος confused mass, Hp.Septim.6, cf. Pl.Grg.465d, Philostr. Gym.26; ἄ. ἔρις καὶ ταραχή D.18.18; ἄ. καιροί Demad.34.

2. continual, unceasing, μῦθοι Il.2.796; ἄχεα 3.412: neut. as Adv., πενθήμεναι ἄκριτον αἰεί Od.18.174, 19.120; δηρὸν καὶ ἄ. h.Merc.126; ὄρος ἄ. continuous chain of mountains, AP6.225 (Nicaen.).

3. after Hom. in poets, countless, ἄστρων ὄχλος Critias 19; μυρία φῦλα καὶ ἄ. Opp.H.1.80; ἄ. πλήθει Babr.33.3.

II. undecided, doubtful, νείκεα, ἄεθλος, Il.14.205, Hes.Sc.311; ἄ. τελευταί which cannot be predicted, B.9.45; ἀκρίτων ὄντων while the issue is doubtful, Th.4.20; uncertain, of weather-signs, Ὠρίων Arist.Mete.361b31; πυρετὸς ἄ. fever that will not come to a crisis, Hp.Acut.(Sp.)17. Adv. -τως Id.Epid.1.3; τὸ ἀκρίτως ξυνεχὲς τῆς ἁμίλλης without decisive issue, Th.7.71: Adv., ἄκριτα δηρινθέντες Euph.94.3.

2. unjudged, untried, of persons and things, ἀκρίτους κτείνειν, ἀποκτεῖναι without trial, Hdt.3.80, Th.2.67, cf.Lys.19.7, D.17.3; ἄ. ἀποθανεῖν Antipho 5.48, cf. Th.8.48, etc.; πρᾶγμα ἄ. cause not yet tried, Isoc.19.2, cf. Pl.Ti.51c:—
also, subject to no judge, πρύτανις A.Supp.371. Adv. ἀκρίτως, ἀποκτείνειν D.H.11.43, cf. Conon 28.1, LXX 1 Ma. 2.37.

III. Act., not giving judgement, Hdt.8.124; not capable of judging, Parm.6.7, Plb.3.19.9, cf. Luc.Am.37; ἄκριτα μηχανώμενοι engaged in rash attempts, E.Andr.549; κατ' ἄκριτον recklessly, Phld. Ir.p.69 W. Adv. -τως rashly, indiscreetly, Plb.2.7.2, Epict.Gnom. 65; indiscriminately, ἐκφέρειν Prm.p.553S.

2. not exercising judgement, undiscriminating, of fate, AP7.439 (Theodorid.), cf. 5.283 (Rufin.); ἄκριτε δαῖμον, of death, Epigr.Gr.204.3 (Cnid.).